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7 pro tips to keep your toolbox organised 


Tradies are a hard-working bunch. They spend their days building and fixing things. But whether you are a grease monkey, chippie or sparky, you need a toolbox that completes your job efficiently and quickly. If you have several types of tools, it’s easy for you to get mixed up and damaged or lost when they aren’t stored properly. By keeping your tools separate from each other, you’ll be able to quickly identify and keep track of them. An organised toolbox ensures that all your tools are clutter-free and safe. Or else, the next time you try to find a particular tool in your toolbox, you’ll be devo. Well, don’t be so worried, mate! Instead, grab a coldie and read carefully. We have a fantastic solution to all your toolbox-related problems. In this article, we’ll find out the features of a good toolbox, how to organise it, and the best place to buy it. So, stop digging your toolbox to find the right tool; instead, get ready to be organised.   

Tips for an organised toolbox 

Before we dive into the tips for correctly arranging your toolbox, here are some essential things you need to know. First of all, let’s have a look at the tools that you must include in your toolbox. 

The list contains the following: 

  • Spanner set 
  • Screwdriver set 
  • Drill Bit set 
  • Claw hammer 
  • Plier set 
  • Power drill 
  • Glasses 
  • Gloves 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Ear plugs 
  • Wrench set 
  • Spirit level, etc. 

Now that you have the essential tools, we should look into the different toolbox types available in the market. 

  1. Portable toolbox: A portable toolbox is every grease monkey’s best friend. Many options are available for portable toolboxes, with styles to meet every purpose. They come in various sizes, from compact, lightweight models made to handle a few essential tools for DIY jobs to enormous wheeled carts that can arrange multiple power equipment, hand tools, fixtures, and fittings.  
  1. Tool bag: The key benefit of high-quality tool bags is their ability to keep equipment in outer pockets, making them accessible. They are frequently favoured by people who often use small hand tools like cutters, pliers, and screwdrivers. They are more comfortable to carry and free up the hands while using shoulder straps. 
  1. Tool chest: In general, tool chests provide much more storage than portable toolboxes or bags. They are a hot favourite of every grease monkey out there. They also include numerous sliding drawers, making every tool easily accessible. Many tool chests have deeper compartments with movable lids at the top, which help organise heavier tools. Some feature wheels as well for easy mobility. A tool chest’s most striking feature is the toolbox drawers that enable you to access tools easily. 

So, whatever your choice is, the only thing that matters is a toolbox with tools. And we know where you can find a fully functional toolbox according to your liking. UTE provides a wide range of toolboxes, aluminium and steel tray bodies, bullbars, towbars, fuel tanks, water tanks, etc. It’s your one-stop solution for all your vehicle needs. And trust us, you’ll be stoked by our premium quality products that also come with a warranty. So, why not give it a try? Break a leg and get a toolbox that gets your job done in a whiff. 

Well, that was quite some information. Now, let’s jump onto the toolbox organising hacks. 

Need help arranging a toolbox so you can quickly locate what you need? Try these tips to create a functionally organised toolbox for yourself! 

  1. Examine your collection of tools– If you’ve been gathering a tool collection for some time, you might not remember all the tools you currently possess. Find a place to spread out all of your tools and group them. Consider the tools that are commonly combined and look for any duplicates. Now, start choosing the most priority ones and make a list. This list of tools will be going into your toolbox. 
  1. Sort out the most used tools: Consider the tools you will frequently use, which are likely to include two different types of screwdrivers, a hammer, a utility knife, a pencil or marker, a set of pliers, and a tape measure. The top of your toolbox is the ideal place to keep these for quick access. In comparison, the bottom is perfect for keeping heavier things like drills and drill bit sets. 
  1. Consider a toolbox organiser: If you have a large toolbox, then buying some foam toolbox organisers can be helpful. They don’t take up much space. Instead, they make it easier to lay down all the tools separately in order. 
  1. Small parts organiser: Small parts organisers can be used both as standalone devices and for various types of tool storage. They are utilised to store and arrange small tools, parts, and accessories, including washers, crowfoot wrenches, small sockets, nuts, and bolts. These organisers are available in several sizes and forms and are often adaptable to fit a range of tool sizes and shapes. 
  1. The upper section and lighter tools: Weight distribution is the main reason for keeping lighter items in the upper section of the toolbox. Also, it is tough to move a giant tool, such as a circular saw or an angle grinder, to grab a screwdriver or nuts and bolts. Hence, organising is vital. 
  1. The lower section and heavier tools: For added stability, store heavy hand tools, power equipment, and batteries near the bottom of any tool container you use. Tool chests that are too heavy on the top might fall over and spill their contents. Not only is it annoying to have to pick everything back up, but it also poses a possible safety risk. 
  1. A place for the most accessible tools: Consider the tools you use frequently. A few screwdrivers, a set of pliers, a hammer, and a cordless drill driver might be on that list for any DIY projects. These tools can be conveniently stored in a lift-out tray or the outer pockets of a tool bag, freeing up space in the main compartment and making it handy. 

Well, mate! That was it—your personalised toolbox arranging hacks. Just follow them, and you will never find yourself digging hard to find a tool. 

Why Unicorn Transport Equipment, you may ask? 

At UTE, we don’t just manufacture truck parts or toolboxes; we build relationships with our clients and that too a long one. So as a tradie, if you ever need to buy a personalised toolbox, bullbars, towbars, racks, fuel tanks, etc. Just give our products a shot. We can guarantee you our superior product quality and post-customer services. A one-stop solution for all your vehicle (ute) needs. See you soon!