Unicorn Heavy-Duty Aluminium Tray

Introducing the Custom Built Unicorn, a Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray that is the epitome of strength, durability, and functionality.

SKU: 01-05-00

Here are the key features that make this product stand out:

  • Extruded Floor Plank: With a 3-tonne sq. ft rating, this tray is designed to handle heavy loads without compromising its structural integrity. It’s perfect for hauling construction materials or moving heavy equipment.
  • 60mm Cab Shaped Pipe Headboard: This robust headboard provides an additional layer of protection for your cargo, preventing load shifting during transit and ensuring safe and secure delivery.
  • 250mm High Dropsides: Offering ample space for your cargo, these high sides keep your load secure and prevent it from falling out during transport
  • Anti-Loose Toggle Dropside Latches: These latches keep the dropsides securely fastened, preventing them from coming loose during transit.
  • 25mm Rope Rails: These rails provide a secure point for tying down your cargo, ensuring that it stays in place during transport.
  • 3mm Galvanised Steel Main Chassis Runners: Known for its strength and durability, this material makes our tray a reliable solution for all your heavy-duty transport needs.

In essence, the Custom Built Unicorn is not just a Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray. It’s a durable, functional, and reliable solution designed to withstand the test of time and cater to all your heavy-duty transport needs.

Our 2023 Warranty Policy covers all Unicorn-manufactured products and boxer products, guaranteeing their quality and performance from the supply date. This warranty provides our customers with assurance and satisfaction in their purchase.

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